The objective of the project is to develop an all-solid-state Li-ion battery for Electric Vehicles with the following characteristics:

1 ―

Anode-free system

No graphite, no lithium metal or other anode material, “only” a tailored current collector that enables the stripping/plating of the Li ions contained in the electrolyte → more 100% of volumetric energy density.

2 ―

3D printable

Unconventional manufacturing via Vat Photopolymerization 3D printing avoiding solvent drying, recovery, formation and degassing steps → up to 64% less energy needed for the battery manufacturing

3 ―

Targeted KPIs

400 Wh/kg and 1000 Wh/L
3-Ah cell prototypes
3000 cycles
Charge capability of 70% of its total capacity in 5 minutes

Li-ion battery vs. all-solid-state battery
energy density improvement

Source: Solid-state bat teries - key to greater driving range, Philippe Vereecken, 2020