AM4BAT: Building the Future Together: Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

AM4BAT: Building the Future Together: Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

The AM4BAT project recently held its first Stakeholder Engagement Workshop, which brought together a diverse group of participants eager to learn more about this innovative initiative and battery technology. The event, held last week, served as a platform to deepen the understanding of the project’s objectives, progress and exciting potential.


Shedding Light on Innovation:

Attendees gained valuable insights into the project’s core mission: revolutionizing battery production through the power of Additive Manufacturing (AM). From in-depth presentations to interactive discussions, the workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of how AM4BAT is pushing the boundaries of battery design and manufacturing.


A Glimpse into the Future:

A specific highlight of the event was the exclusive visit to the facilities of Photocentric, a leading manufacturer of specialized resins and 3D printers, and a crucial AM4BAT partner.



Building Connections, Fostering Collaboration:

The workshop wasn’t just about technical know-how; it was also about building relationships and fostering collaboration within the battery community. Engaging discussions and ample networking opportunities allowed participants to connect with key players, share ideas, and explore potential partnerships.


Ready to Join the Conversation?

Whether you’re a seasoned battery expert or just curious about the latest advancements, the AM4BAT project has something for you. Sign up for our newsletter (Join here) to stay tuned for future events, updates, and exciting developments. Remember, this is just the beginning of a journey that promises to transform the way we design, produce, and use batteries.

Stay tuned, and get ready to be a part of the AM4BAT revolution!

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